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"Ooo wow! Can't wait to review. That was a power packed information session. I appreciate the links as well. I'm sure it will be mind-blowing in a good way. Thanks Yana! 🙏"

~ Claudia S.

Online Retreat # 1

"Magical Woman"

Journey to Wholeness & Love

You are invited on an intimate

soulful journey into Self Love!

Magical Woman

 is calling you to bloom.⠀

Accept her inner gifts divine,

Dive deep and liberate your


Become the Woman of your dreams!

This deep immersion is a journey into a total acceptance of

yourself in unconditional love. 

Radically reorientate yourself to the centre of your being,

and finally meet the majestic, ecstatic,

magical woman that has always lived within you,

waiting to be freed. 

Come . . .

In the sacred feminine space...

find Yourself.



Unleash your abundance & sexuality.


Online Retreat # 2

"Magical Woman"

Divine Sexuality


Online Retreat # 3

"Empowered Men"

Journey to Sexual Healing


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